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Registration FAQ

I have filled out your regsitration form and it tells me it will send a confirmation email. That email never shows up in my inbox. What is wrong?

The system generates the email every time, however some of them are incorrectly identified as SPAM. Check your spam folders to see if the confirmation message is sitting in your spam folder. Some systems allow you to see what has been identified as SPAM or JUNKMAIL while others simply throw it away. If you don't still don't have it try this:

  1. Try an alternate email address
  2. Contact your email provider or see if you can whitelist the email address of [email protected] or better yet, anything from the domain
  3. Set up a Hotmail or Gmail account and register using that.

I've successfully registered and when I go to to visit it tells me I'm not registered. What's wrong?

This is typically due to the way your individual PC handles cookies. Cookies are small text files which are placed in your browser by our servers. There are many reasons why you may not be retaining your cookie files which are explained below:

Reasons for not retaining cookies/registration

    1. You have cookies disabled or turned off
    2. You are manually deleting your cookie files
    3. You are running a program which automatically deletes cookie files (Security, anti-virus programs, etc.)
    4. You are visiting from a different machine than the one you registered on
    5. You are cleaning out your "temporary Internet files" which is deleting your cookies

I found out that my anti-virus program is deleting my cookies. But isn't it dangerous to turn off my anti-virus program?

Yes, and we don't recommend it. However there should be a configuration setting which allows you to continue safeguarding your PC from virus' without wiping out your cookies. Some security programs allow you to identify sites that are SAFE, add to that list. Check the manual or call technical support for your anti-virus program.

Isn't there another way to personalize without using cookies?

No, but we now have a PIN code feature which can be used on our conferences. You will need to enter your pin number at the beginning of each session and it should be retained for the duration of that session. If you forget your pin it can be e-mail'd back to you by filling out a simple form located here.

Do you provide support for registration issues?

Unfortunately no, we would have no way of knowing the endless configurations available for the thousands of users that visit us each day. My suggestion is to contact a Technical support person or call a local service technician for assistance on your PC.

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